At last I accepted that my experience of life is entirely up to me. 

I have identified as an artist well before I had any idea what a vast arena that term encompassed.  I knew artists made things.  I knew that they had wild imaginations.  I knew they weren't afraid to express themselves.  That's what I wanted... that's what I knew I had.  Brave, unapologetic and passionate, nothing else felt so close to home.  At age 4 I tried, somewhat successfully, to make shoes out of old cereal boxes.  My obsession with creating has not dimmed.  

I grew up in Michigan in a conservative, religious family and was homeschooled most of my life.  I didn't watch tv or movies and my internet use and music intake was highly monitored.  I spent my time reading textbooks, training in classical ballet, playing piano and sewing clothes.  Hungry for inspiration and artistic opportunities, I moved to Philly.  After a couple years of college, working in retail and playing keyboard in an indie pop band, I got bored and headed to New York.  

I am now 22 and have been living in Brooklyn for 2 years.  I do freelance acting, modeling and dance performance work, recently showcased my first clothing collection and am writing and recording music.  I am a firm believer that we are only limited by the limits we accept for ourselves.  I am content with the stage I'm in but continue to dream bigger, work more efficiently and commit more fully.  

"One thing I try to do is motivate on every level.  I do a lot of things but god forbid I ever settle.  I gotta lot of dreams, they're lookin like quite big endeavors.  But if I'm gonna make it happen, heard it's now or never."